Product Validation Lead

Product Validation Lead essential job functions

Position level: Mid-Senior

Role Summary

The Product Validation Lead oversees the product validation process, from problem identification to MVP creation. He/she is also responsible to manage the effort in developing validation processes and methods to improve quality of work products and efficiency of the team. The Product Validation Lead has responsibility for both people management (development, coaching) and project management for those projects in his/her domain.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Coordinate team’s tasks and progress; 
  • Understand market trends and evaluate potential ideas for product development; 
  • Interact with potential beneficiaries of the product; 
  • Seek methods to improve validation efficiency and effectiveness including definition and tracking of KPI targets; 
  • Work closely with the Development team for PoC/MVP creation; 
  • Keep and update activity logs; 
  • Provide regular status and schedule updates. 

Validation (Needs assessment) 

  • Analyze and validate customer needs and challenges; 
  • Assess current competitor offerings; 
  • Understand market demands and issues; 
  • Attend conferences and events related to the domain you are researching; 
  • Find out how “people feel” about a specific problem, pain points, with the help of interviews and surveys; 
  • Research trends and industry related studies/documentation from Romania and abroad. 


Market/Company Research 

  • Conduct market research on industry trends, emerging technologies & individual start-ups; 
  • Research and analyse investment candidates (start-ups), the markets they serve, and their competition; 
  • Work with Fortech Investments marketing team to connect with inbound leads and manage funnels; 
  • Grow sales pipeline for Fortech Investments programs, including external outreach with prospective companies to evaluate product market fit; 
  • Create reports and presentations of research and present findings to leadership teams; 
  • Prepare monthly & quarterly materials for review with the leadership team. 


Skills / Qualifications 

  • Leadership; 
  • People person; 
  • Critical thinker; 
  • Organized; 
  • Problem solver; 
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills; 
  • Ability to function with minimal supervision; 
  • Availability to travel on sites. 

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