Get funding for your start-up

If you are an early-stage start-up founder, we can help you reach your business goals by offering one of the two funding rounds (Pre-seed or Seed) as well as Smart Money, depending on your needs.

Capital & Smart Money from a strategic investor

Investment decision in 30 days

We know how important timing is for you to achieve your business and financial goals. This is why our team has a slick process, without crazy term sheets so you won’t be held back by lack of resources, when you need them most.

Get more than just capital

Money is not always the answer and this is why we provide more than just capital. We will also be your strategic partner and advisor by providing:

  • Smart Money
  • Technological expertise
  • Marketing, Sales & Recruiting experience

Our process


You fill in the form.


We analyze your pitch and then we discuss with you.

Investment analysis

Our team does the investment analysis.

Investment decision

If we see an opportunity, we’ll make the investment decision within 30 days.

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